BBQ Brought to you by CASE IH

Limited tickets available for a free burger or hotdog and beverage. Pick yours up at the CASE IH booth. Join us at 5:30pm for an evening of networking at the Arlington ARS Public Events Building.

Ride & Drive: GPS for hazard mapping

Description: Experience a live GPS spread hazard map showing setbacks and restricted areas as you drive through the field. Record keeping capabilities will be demonstrated.

Dairy Facility & Manure Separation Tour

i. The Arlington Research Station Manure Separation and Facility tour will showcase manure separation processes, movement of liquid manure and separated solids, and manure gas safety. Pre registration is required.

Arlington Research Station Agronomy Tour

The Arlington Research Station tour will focus on runoff research related to tillage, cover crop, and dairy liquid manure interaction within a corn silage cropping system. The tour also includes a stop at the Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems trial which was implemented in 1989. The trial is designed with real world farming in mind. The cropping systems represent a range of farming practices in Wisconsin that are grouped by enterprise type including cash grain, dairy forage, or perennial native grass-based systems. Pre-registration is required.

Two Departure Times: Bus 1 departs at 8am and Bus 2 departs at 10am.

Entech Digester Tour

i. The tour of the Entech Solutions Digester will include the dairy manure to RNG digester which highlights a first of its kind microgrid designed to improve operations and lower the facilities Carbon Intensity score. The system features over 2MW of solar ground mound and rooftop, battery energy storage and DC fast charging. Pre-registration is required.