What are the benefits of adding air?

Manure aeration is a highly effective but sometimes overlooked system. Thousands of aeration systems worldwide benefit farmers and the environment alike by increasing nutrients, lowering emissions and making things safer for farmers and their animals. This session from Dairy Power will detail how the Dairy Power Smart Manure Aeration System, which has no need for tractor agitation, provides consistency from first to last load, creates usable manure straight from the tank and creates an ideal state for injection and dribble bar. Attendees will learn how to use the system and how to make the most of it.


Robotic Dairy & New Poultry Layer Tour
This tour will stop at a dairy that has recently installed robotic milking, feeding, and manure collection technologies where the producers will provide a demonstration of the systems. The second stop of this tour will be at a large, under-construction, egg layer farm that will be close to populating their eight barns at the time of the tour. The layer farm will use innovative manure handling practices, including belt drying and centralized manure collection.

Please choose your departure time when registering and plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your tour departure time. You will need to check-in and pick up a name badge in order to board the bus. Registration opens at 7:30am for the first tour bus departure at 8:00am. Departure times are staggered from there.

All buses will return to the Expo grounds between 11:00am and 1:30pm, depending on your departure time. You will be provided with a lunch voucher, which can be redeemed at any food vendor on the Expo grounds.

Stream Tour
The stream tour will explore impacts of excess nutrients on a local stream as well as providing hands-on opportunities for attendees to assess stream health and the benefits of buffers and stream restoration practices. One stop will be at a stream located in an agricultural area and another will be at the stream’s forested headwaters.

Education Seminars

Please stay tuned for information on our speakers and session topics.


3:30pm: Live Action Manure Spill Response Demo
– Kevin Erb, Director, Conservation Professional Training Program – UW-Madison Division of Extension Natural Resources Institute
– Robb Meinen, Senior Extension Associate, Department of Animal Science – Pennsylvania State University


Tent 1 Sessions:
12:30pm: Pennsylvania’s Commercial Hauler and Broker Regulations and Record Keeping
– Mike Aucoin, Conservation Program Specialist – Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission

1:00pm: Food Processing Residual (FPR) Application in Pennsylvania
– Kevin Beer, Environmental Group Manager, Bureau of Waste Management – Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

1:30pm: The Importance of Manure Application Setbacks for Protecting Private Drinking Water Resources
– Danielle Rhea, Water Resources Educator – Pennsylvania State University
– Susan Boser, Water Resources Educator – Pennsylvania State University
– Andy Yencha, Water Resources Educator – Pennsylvania State University