Tent 1 Sessions:
8:00am: Manure Injection of Digestate
– Sailesh Sigdel, PhD Candidate,  Agricultural and Environmental Plant Science, Pennsylvania State University – Pennsylvania State University

8:30am: Injecting Manure into Cover Crops
– Melissa Wilson, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist Manure Nutrient Management & Water Quality Department of Soil, Water, and Climate – University of Minnesota

9:00am: Side-dressing Emerged Corn with Injected Liquid Manure using a Drag Hose
– Glen Arnold, Field Specialist, Manure Nutrient Management Systems Associate Professor – Ohio State University Extension

Tent 2 Sessions:
8:00am: Can we create a better as applied map to document manure applications?
– Richard Meinert, Associate Extension Educator, Nutrient Management – University of Connecticut

8:30am: Economic considerations for the development of a decision support tool for manure management systems
– Varma Vempalli, Research Associate, Chemical Engineering – University of Arkansas

9:00am: Manure Management at Herbruck’s New Blue Springs Layer Farm in Mercersburg, PA
– Vince Herbruck, Manager – Poultry Living Systems – Herbruck’s
– Ric Herrera, Vice President of Marketing – Herbruck’s
– Jered Birkbeck, Director of Feed & Fertilizer Operations – Herbruck’s
– Russell Phenicie, Blue Springs Egg Farm Production Manager – Herbruck’

Tent 3 Sessions:
8:00am: Precision Agriculture and Variable Rate Manure Application at Lesher Poultry Farm
– Leslie Bowman, Crops Manager and Nutrient Management Specialist – Lesher’s Poultry Farm, Inc.

8:30am: Weed Seeds in Manure
– Chryseis Modderman, Extension Educator, Crops – Manure Nutrient Management – University of Minnesota
– Stephanie Kulesza, Nutrient Management and Animal Waste Specialist, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences – North Carolina State University

9:00am: How we run our manure service in Indiana
– Rob Buiter, Owner – Fastrack Fertilizer

Tent 4 Sessions:
8:00am: Investing in Soil Health and Manure
– Nick Hepfl, Agricultural Technician – Clearfield County Conservation District

8:30am: Calculating the Economic & Environmental Benefits of Low Disturbance Manure Injection (LDI)
– Eric Rosenbaum, Executive Director, PA 4R Alliance, Agronomist, Rosetree Consulting LLC – Pennsylvania 4R Alliance

9:00am: Variable Rate Manure Applications – Are You Ready for It?
– Eric Rosenbaum, Executive Director, PA 4R Alliance, Agronomist, Rosetree Consulting LLC – Pennsylvania 4R Alliance