Exhibit Space Application Form

The North American Manure Expo is the annual premier show dedicated to professionalism in nutrient management. The expo is highlights the latest in manure application equipment, management systems, agitation and new technology related to the manure management sector. We offer two days of education, networking, tours and live demonstrations.

Please note that the conference organizers reserve the right to decline any vendor whose products or services are deemed not “industry relevant” to the intended audience. Our goal is an enjoyable and educational experience for all. Thank you for your understanding.


Exhibitor Contract

This application, properly executed by the Applicant (Exhibitor) shall upon written acceptance by the North American Manure Expo (NAME) 2023 show managers, allow the applicant to exhibit at the North American Manure Expo in Arlington, Wisconsin, USA on August 9-10, 2023.
Furthermore, upon acceptance of this contract the rules and regulations that follow and the rules and regulations issued as part of the Exhibitor’s Manual become binding upon both parties to the agreement, as well as any additions and amendments that may be established or put into effect by the Show Management prior to or during the Show.

Space will be assigned to all applicants on a “first-come, first-served” basis according to the earliest received applications. Prioritized booking order may be applied based on total billings with NAME 2023. Management reserves the right to make final space assignment after the acceptance of the application, should it be necessary in the best interest of the event.

100% payment is required within 30-days of booking.

In the event that an Exhibitor cancels in writing from the show the following conditions shall apply:
i) If received before June 12, 2023, the exhibitor will forfeit 25% of the fees.
ii) If received on or after June 12, 2023, the exhibitor will forfeit 50% of their fees.
iii) Cancellation on or after 30 days before the show, the Sponsor/Exhibitor will forfeit the entire exhibitor or sponsorship cost.
iv) Upon receipt of written notice of cancellation, the NAME show team reserve the right to re-sell the space vacated.
v) Show Management reserves the right to cancel space should payment not be received from the Exhibitor within the prescribed time limits.
vi) If due to causes beyond its control the Show Management is prevented from holding the Show or cannot permit an Exhibitor to occupy the Exhibitors rented space due to circumstances beyond management’s control including, but not limited to, strike, fire, health related issues, civil disobedience, inclement weather, lockout, bankruptcy, Acts of God, facility unavailability for whatsoever cause: Show Management will rebook space within six months of the cancelled date and will hold show on that date or the Show Management will refund to the exhibitor the amount of rental paid by him, less a proportionate share in relation to the other exhibition space, of the total Show expenses incurred by Show Management to that date, and Show Management shall have no further liability to the Exhibitor.
NOTE: All cancellations must be made in writing and will take effect upon date of receipt at the Show Manager’s offices.

Exhibitor will be liable for and will indemnify and hold harmless management from any loss or damages whatsoever occurring to or suffered by any person or company including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Exhibitor, other Exhibitors, management, contractors, the owner of the building and their respective agents, servants, and employees and members of the public attending the show either (a) on the said space or (b) elsewhere during show set-up, take down or during actual show hours or anytime on the premises. Neither the facility owners nor the Show Management will be responsible for loss or damage to persons’ exhibits or decorations by fire, accident, theft, or any other cause while in the exhibition buildings* or during transport to a show, between shows or returning from a show.

The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all pertinent ordinances, regulations and codes of duly authorized local, Provincial and Federal governing bodies concerning fire, safety, health together with the rules and regulations of the operators and/or owners of the property wherein the Show is held.

i) Each company that exhibits and demonstrates equipment must provide a $1 million minimum coverage insurance certificate before July 7, 2023.
ii) Annex Business Media, Manure Manager, North American Manure Expo, Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin (PNAAW), Univesity of Wisconsin-Madison, and the officers, employees, partners and agents of all parties named herein must be named on the Certificate of Insurance as additionally insured.
iii) The policy must be emailed to manureexpo@annexbusinessmedia.com; or faxed to -1-519-428-3327 before July 7, 2023.

i) Exhibitors purchasing an outdoor booth are responsible for supplying their own tent, tables, chairs, special lighting, decorating, pennants, mulch, etc. through an approved third-party vendor.
ii) Electricity can be supplied at a cost.
a. Request for electricity must be made at time of booking.
b. If requested on-site, we cannot guarantee available outlets. If we can accommodate on-site, you will be sent an invoice for the fee.
c. Exhibitors must provide the means of getting power to their unit(s) from the entrance box.
d. Exhibitors must not run electrical extension cords from their lot to a neighbor’s lot.
e. Exhibitors will be held responsible and charged for destroyed entrance boxes and missing or broken circuit breakers.

i) Over-the-counter sales are permitted at the show. Items sold at the show must be hand-carried. No large items that are sold will be loaded or removed from a vehicle until after the show closes on August 10, 2023 at 5:00pm.
ii) No soliciting will be permitted during set-up
iii) Individual food sales or distribution are prohibited unless permission arranged by show coordinator.
iv) Show management will exercise due care relative to items for exhibit after their arrival at the site. However, Annex Business Media, Manure Manager, North American Manure Expo, Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and its officers will not be responsible for personnel, loss or damage from any cause to articles and equipment on exhibit. They shall be indemnified, defended, and held harmless to an exhibitor/demonstrator from any and all claims, causes of action, legal proceedings or any other proceedings, which may arise from such exhibitor’s participation in the 2023 North American Manure Expo.
v) Distribution of literature and/or goods describing equipment, products, off-site events, or educational activities must be confined to the exhibitor’s booth or immediate demonstration area.
vi) Exhibitors are required to maintain adequate safety standards. The expo coordinator reserves the right to prohibit any activity deemed hazardous to the public. Each exhibitor will be responsible for keeping their exhibit free of litter. Refuse containers are provided throughout the exhibit area. Exhibit site must be restored to its original state at the end of the expo.
vii) All vendors shall treat clients, show staff and other vendors with the highest level of respect, and always conduct yourselves in a professional manner.

Additional inquiries pertaining to the event should be directed to: