Come See for Yourself

Our site tours take place on day 1. You will be provided a lunch and necessary transportation to a liquid manure innovation tour and/or a solid manure innovation tour. Stay tuned for more updates and tour details.

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Liquid and Solid Manure

Live demos take place onsite, during the expo where you will see first hand new manure technology and equipment at work. Please stay tuned for more details on live demos and description of what you can expect to see.

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Be a Leader
This event will help position your business as a leader in manure management. Illustrate to attendees how your technologies and services can support the challenges and opportunities they face in the field.

Meet Your Audience
Be seen in front of your audience. Meet face-to-face and network with farm owners and operators and looking for solutions amid an increasingly complex sector.

Be a part of something big
Attendees will have educational opportunities, experience new technologies and machinery first hand and witness live demos onsite. The North American Manure Expo is a one-stop experience for attendees that you definitely want to be a part of.


Showcase Your Products and Machinery

Booth Space

Choose from our exhibit space options

  • 10X10 Indoor tent booth space.
  • 50X50 Outdoor exhibit space
  • 50X100 Outdoor exhibit space
  • Option to add tents at outdoor exhibit spaces.
  • Offloading assistance to your exhibit space.


To book your booth or sponsorship contact:
Sharon Kauk, National Account Manager
Manure Manager