Kevin Erb

Kevin Erb is the director of the Conservation Professional Training Program at University of Wisconsin-Madison-Extension. Erb has more than 30 years experience with Extension, focusing on manure management, nutrient management plan implementation and training of conservation professionals. Kevin initiated one of the nation’s first manure spill response training using actual manure, and has created more than 20 live spill response demonstrations around the US and Canada.

Andy Yencha

Andy helps Pennsylvania’s residents, businesses, and local governments find answers to water related questions to protect the Commonwealth’s shared natural resources. His current focus areas include drinking water protection, testing and treatment, and urban stormwater education. His work highlights the important ways land use and water quality are connected within the geographic boundaries of Pennsylvania’s watersheds.

Susan Boser

Susan Boser is a Water Resources Educator with Penn State Extension based in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of West Virginia University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Environmental Protection. Susan interacts with clientele throughout Western Pennsylvania via educational programs focusing on the areas of private water supply education, pond management, stormwater, youth water education and pesticide education.

Danielle Rhea

Danielle is a statewide water resources educator for Penn State Extension, based in Jefferson County. She provides educational programming and products related to private drinking water, pond management, agriculture and water, stormwater management, and watershed protection and restoration. Danielle is a certified Act 38 Nutrient Management Planner/Reviewer and holds a Master of Science degree from Duquesne University in Environmental Science and Management.

Kevin Beer

Kevin Beer has served the commonwealth through his work with Pa Department of Environmental Protection for the past eleven years. In his current role as Compliance and Technical Support Section Chief in the Bureau of Waste Management, Kevin strives to protect people and the environment by promoting safe and effective handling practices in materials management, including effective processing of waste streams for beneficial use. He leverages his knowledge of chemistry and the environment with extensive environmental health and safety experience in providing sound guidance to the regulated community relevant to implementation of materials management best practices. Kevin has a M.S. in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh.

Mike Aucoin

Michael Aucoin graduated from Delaware Valley University with an Agronomy Degree in 1995 then started his career at the Bucks County Conservation District as a Resource Conservationist. In 1999 Michael was hired as a Conservation Program Specialist with the PA Dept of Agriculture/ State Conservation Commission in which he administers the state’s Nutrient Management, Commercial Manure Hauler and Broker and Odor Certification Programs.

Stephanie Kulesza

Stephanie Kulesza is the Nutrient Management and Animal Waste Specialist in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at NC State University. Her research focuses on the use of animal manures in the wide range of cropping systems found in North Carolina, focusing on barriers to adoption of manure in fertility programs.

Chryseis Modderman

Chryseis Modderman is an extension educator with the University of Minnesota where she focuses on manure management as a crop nutrient source. She is originally from a farm family in west-central Minnesota, and prior to working at UMN, she was a research technician at North Dakota State University. When she’s not elbow-deep in her work, she enjoys time at the lake, gardening, and reading.

Leslie J. Bowman

Leslie is the crop manager at Lesher’s Poultry Farm, Inc. His job duties include directing manure application and sales. He has nutrient management plan writer, odor management, and manure broker certifications. He has over 25 years of experience with precision farming.

Nick Hepfl

Nick Hepfl is the Agricultural Technician with Clearfield County Conservation District. After growing up on a small family dairy farm in western Pennsylvania, Nick began working on several thousand-acre grain and beef farm while attending college at Clarion University for Environmental Biology. Nick has been with the Conservation District for six years and works with approximately 500 farmers to implement programs and promote soil health.